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At Newlaithes Junior school we hope to empower, engage and inspire our children.

Our curriculum provides children with the Scientific knowledge and skills they will need. It builds up cumulative knowledge over time and empowers our children to be able to ask scientific questions and to apply both knowledge and skills to new contexts and situations. The learning opportunities we create will engage our pupils and help them to experience the wonder of Science in our world. Through our curriculum and other relevant opportunities to enrich Science capital, we aim for all our pupils to see themselves as scientists, both in their time with us and as a potential career option in their future.





Our curriculum will be delivered through the engaging topics of the National Curriculum. We provide:

  • Carefully sequenced topics and lessons which show progression
  • Knowledge organisers which outline the learning which takes place
  • A focus on Scientific knowledge and Working Scientifically skills
  • Opportunities for planned visits and visitors which provide high quality first hand experiences
  • High quality resources





Our children will enjoy their Science lessons and experiences, resulting in motivated and engaged children who will learn new skills and key Scientific vocabulary. They will be able to make links with the wider world, showing a curiosity and understanding of how and why things work, both now and in the future. The Science capital of all of our pupils will be enhanced.